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Work Sheet

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GreenShelters WorkSheet

(Under Construction)

Please keep in mind that Building Costs can vary widely depending on 1) Size of Structure, 2) Grade of Materials, 3) the amount of Outside Labor, 4) the Placement and Size of Windows and Doors, 5) the requirements for Services and Utilities (Plumbing, Electrical, Gas and Mechanical) and 6) Percent of Completion. It is our intention to have this WORKSHEET evolve into a useful guide for the potential Small Home Builder to anticipate their Cashflow Requirements and to project their expected Final Costs

Please REVIEW the following four (4) BUILDING PHASES (Selection; Approval; Construction; Porch Build-out)  and SELECT desired OPTIONS:

Selection Phase

Select Base Model

Select Building Orientation

Select Window/Door Configuration and Placement:

Select Utility Service Package

Off-the-Grid Option - Simple (Generator, Bottled Propane, Rainwater Harvesting, Ice Chest, Composting/Portable Toilet, etc)
Off-the-Grid Option - Complex (Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geo-thermal, Propane Service, Dug Well, Septic System, etc)
On-the-Grid Option - Simple (Umbilical connection to neighboring home or facility)
On-the-Grid Option - Standard (Connection to Municipal Services)

Select Interior Layout:

Select Porch Configuration

Municipal/Community Approval Phase

  1. Prepare/Approve Plans
  2. Submit Plans to Planning/Zoning Authorities
  3. Modify Plans as Appropreate
  4. Receive Approval

Base Model Construction Phase

  1. FRAME-UP: Foundation, Floor, Wall, Loft, Gable and Roof Framing
  2. DRY-IN: Add Sheathing to Walls, Gable-ends & Roof
  3. LOCK-UP: Secure Shell with Lockable Doors and Windows
  4. ROUGH-IN: Utility/Service Package
  5. SEAL-UP: Select/Install Insulation, Paneling, Siding & Roofing
  6. FINISH-UP: Base Model Turn-Key
    1. Finish Exterior: Trim, Soffits, Fascia, Flashing, Gutters, etc
    2. Finish Interior: Finish Flooring, Cabinets, Shelving, Closets, Ladders, etc
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