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Question: What is special about the GreenShelters Construction System (GSCS)?

Answer: The GreenShelters Construction System (GSCS) is built on the concept of "Customizable Standardization".  That is to say, the CORE Engineering/Structure is standardized through the Dry In Phase while maintaining flexibility when selecting the windows, doors wall siding, roofing, trim, paneling, flooring, cabinetry, shelving, heating systems, electrical systems, kitchen/washroom fixtures, utility services, and interior layout and design. This can give you a very cost effective result --- A "Custom House" from "Standardized Parts".

Question: This sounds complicated. Could you explain?

Answer: Yes. We have broken the Building Process down into five (5) Phases: 1) Design/Model Selection; 2) Dry In; 3) Selection/Installation of Service/Utility Package; 4) Seal Up/Finish; 5) Porch Build Out. 

By responding to each inquiry by using our Planning Work Sheet, we encourage a potential Owner to think through the construction process - one step at a time. A completed house can appear very complicated. However, when the process is broken down into logical steps, it's amazing how simple it all is.

As somebody asked: "How do you eat an elephant?" Answer: "One (logical) bite at a time".

Question: Managing my CASH FLOW is my main concern. Can your system help?

Answer: Absolutely! CASHFLOW can be sped up or slowed down - depending on your current circumstances. We use our Planning Work Sheet to predict exactly what materials to buy when and how much has been spent to date and why.

Question: How Much Does a GreenShelter Cost per Square Foot?

Answer: Before answering this question, let us remember the expression -"Figuring house construction costs by the square foot is like pricing a car by dollars/pound".

Having said that - Costs can run from $30 to $300 per square foot - depending on house size, features included and amount of help required or requested.  Keep in mind, high quality Small Houses can be quite expensive per square foot but very reasonable when it comes to "total cost of ownership" including taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities and services.

Question: That is a very wide range. Could you please be more specific?

Answer: The dried-in ROUGH SHELL - including, Pier/Post Foundation, First Floor, Sheathed Walls (no windows or doors) and Sheathed Roof will run about $20/sqft (D-I-Y) or $40/sqft using a third party contractor. The balance of the cost will be a function of the porch design, type of siding and roofing, features of doors and windows, services/utilities desired and quality/completeness of finished carpentry.

Question: Is this type of construction "cost effective"?

Answer: It is our honest opinion that The GreenShelters "Smart" Construction System (GSCS) is capable of delivering the best value for the lowest cost of any comparable system while allowing the owner to maintain control over all aspects of the construction process. This is because we allow "Form to Follow Function". That is to say, we define the FUNCTION  we are looking to perform -and select the best possible FORM to achieve that function. Specific examples include Foundation Design, Base Model Geometry, Roof Pitch, Modular Porch Design and Definition of the Service/Utility Package.


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