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Our Products

Producing High Quaility Shelters

GreenShelter Products Include:

Base Models: Each Model with a Selection of Window/Door Options

  1. BM12x12 = 144 sq-ft
  2. BM12x16 = 192 sq-ft
  3. BM12x20 = 240 sq-ft
  4. BM12x24 = 288 sq-ft
  5. BM12x28 = 336 sq-ft
  6. BM12x32 = 384 sq-ft
  7. BM12x36 = 432 sq-ft
  8. BM12x40 = 480 sq-ft

Porch Configurations:

  1. Front Porch
  2. Front/Back Porch
  3. Full Wrap-a-round Porch

Porch Build-Out Options:

  1. Decking only
  2. Decking and Roofing
  3. Decking, Roofing and Screening
  4. Decking, Roofing, Siding, and/or Paneling
  5. Decking, Roofing, Siding, Paneling, and/or Insulation

NOTE: Different porch sections can be finished with different Build-Out Options and window/door configurations.

Utility/Service Options: Power, Water, Heating/Cooking, Sanitation

  1. Camp Option: All Supplies are carried in:
    Power = Batteries and/or Gasoline/Diesel/Propane Generator; Water = Portable Containers, Purification Tablets; Boiling ; Heat/Cooking: Open Fire, Barbecue, Butane Burner; Sanitation = Solar Shower, Latrine, Outhouse, Portable Toilet.
  2. Off-the-Grid Option: All Supplies are found or generated locally. 
    Power = Solar,Wind, Hydro and/or Geothermal; Water =  Wells, Ponds, Rainwater Collection. Heat/Cooking: Wood/Propane Stove; Sanitation = Solar/Propane Shower, Composting Toilet, Septic System
  3. On-the-Grid Option: Fully connected to municipal and power company services for Power, Water, Heating/Cooling/Cooking and Waste-treatment.
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